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5 SMART fixes to boost your website

Be SMART on your site with fixes that are Specific, Measurable, Actionable, and deliver a Reward in a Timeframe

1. Be Specific: ask yourself, 'If you could have 10 new clients today, but they all had to be a clone of one of your existing clients, who would the existing client be?” then read over the text on your site and ensure your content speaks to that client.
Think up other Specifics as well - is your site representing a specific element of your business well? if not, write a post and send it out to your network.
Is your site marketing that new product - see above, rinse and repeat!

2. Measure:
Do you have google analytics and google webmaster tools set up to report on your site? If yes, but you're not across the data, set yourself up to receive reports each Monday. If not, set these systems up - there are great 'how to' videos on youtube.

3. Action: Identify the action you want your website visitors to take and make sure it is clear and obvious on every page throughout your site.

4 + 5: Reward within a Timeframe: you’re Measuring and Analysing your traffic and you’ve taken Action, what Reward would you like from these tweaks, within what Time frame? Set one up for yourself that’s easily quantifiable:
• 10 new leads in the next 4 weeks?
• A 50% increase in traffic over the next month?
• 1 new blog/wk shared on social media, driving a spike in site traffic

Download our printable guide to implementing these 5 simple steps and let me know how it's boosted your site traffic, your sales or your leads.

If you'd like to discuss how Love Communications can help you make these changes, perform a site evaluation, or chat about your online business strategy, make a time to have a 30 minute consultation with me

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