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Websites step by step

Love Communications will work with you to make the best, most SEO friendly, flexible and relevant site we can.
First things first! Our process:

Love Communications website process step 1 Discovery

The Discovery

We will talk with you about why you need a website, what is its purpose and what will be our priority for building.


Love Communications WEb consultation process step 2 Site map

The Site Map

This is the stocktake phase: together we work out what pages are needed and can plot internal and external links.


Love Communications Site Design Process step 3 Prototype

The Prototype

This is the framework phase. Built in a browser, you have the user experience, but prior to design, you can wander the rooms, making sure your guests can find their way around.


Love Communications website process step 4 Design

The Design

The colour and movement that brings your message, your tone and your voice to life. Fully responsive, we style for all devices, for on page SEO, speed of delivery, user experience and business imperatives


Love Communications Website process step 5 Delivery

The Delivery

This is the build phase, where we turn all of the work done so far into a sparkling, flexible, easily updateable site that looks great across all devices. Developers come on board at this stage so we know it's fool proof and fail safe. It's the home stretch to Home Page


The Client Care Plans

WordPress is 'open source' . Cost effective and reliable, but with all of the changes that go on at core, it needs regular care and attention - we want to keep you running well with our monthly feed and watering 'care plan'. Read more here


Does this sound like a plan? Fill in our website form. It's a great place to clarify your business goals and drills down into what's guiding your website project. We'll get back to you to start planning our work together

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