Video: enhance, extend, encapsulate your brand

Video should be an essential part of your online presence. It improves SEO as it increases time on site, is favoured by facebook and LinkedIn, increases the likelihood of content sharing and delivers message cut through that you can’t get with the written word. Talking direct to customers through video delivers a broad and immediate connection that builds trust… efficiently. Your video serves to deliver those easy conversations, or how-to sessions once, to a multitude.
Love Communications will guide your through a digital content strategy, shooting testimonials, blogs and updates, how-tos and overviews. We’ll cut your stories into short social bite-sizes and long form brand journeys. Our clients are business owners using video to boost their reach, generate leads, sell product and grow their business.


There’s no better way to get social proof for your services, improve your SEO, extend your reach and send your message than a video testimonial. Our testimonial package means you’ll have customers and clients singing your praises in no time

Brand promotion

Promote your brand, build your customer base, increase your leads. A real face behind your brand builds trust

Edits for social

We can edit your existing footage for use social media. Use video as part of your marketing funnel to extend your reach and drive customers and leads back to site.

A sample of our video work: