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The Ultimate guide to Home Page content

Your home page is your ultimate sales page and this can be a bit tricky for those of us who don’t consider ourselves ‘SalesPeople’. A good way around this, for the shrinking violets among us, is to remember – your home page (and every page on your site) should sell your service to your customer.…

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New google algorithm change BERT

Google has released a new update to their algorithm inventively named ‘bidirectional encoder representations from transformers’, or ‘BERT’ to you and me. In a nutshell, BERT helps google understand and deliver on searcher intent more clearly. Rather than just picking out the salient words from a search query such as ‘Does the closest florist have…

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Speed and performance for your ECommerce site Love Communications

The speed of your ecommerce site is crucial for customer conversion. A recent Google study revealed that 53% of smartphone users abandon a site if loading takes longer than 3 seconds, and 79% of users said that they won’t return to a site with poor performance. Without taking care of the speed and performance of your site,…

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How to set up Google my business

Google My Business is a great free tool every business should be taking advantage of. Jump on board as soon as you can. It’s easy to update and should absolutely be part of your local SEO strategy. And, just between you and me and the internet… not everyone is taking advantage of this sensational free…

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A great ecommerce response

From aggravated to appreciated with fast open communication I purchased a gift from my architecture student oldest son this last Christmas (to help Santa out) – a build it yourself anglepoise lamp kit, from KiwiCo. This company have been great on social media, with really compelling stories of their interesting, beautifully crafted, build-it-yourself gifts, told…

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Why business should use social media illustration

Social media is a conversation. Businesses need to be a part of that conversation. Social media isn’t just for friends and family. Done well, it’s a powerful tool for business Did you know that 79% of Australians were on social media in 2018? (2018 Sensis Yellow Social Media report)  If you aren’t using social media…

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Love Communications website evaluation

Love Communications’ comprehensive website audit .  You don’t need a new website – find out how we can change up your existing site and make it run smoother, with updated services and message direct to your customer with our Site Audit. This is a comprehensive, personalized report that details potential web errors and search engine…

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Wordpress and site builder comparison

Why wordpress is still miles ahead of competitors Wondering if you should use wordpress or a subscription website builder such as SquareSpace or Wix? Here’s why I think a well built wordpress site is still miles ahead of its competitors. Technology solutions Today I heard a great descriptive phrase: ‘technology agnostic’. It describes the value…

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