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Jacob Aldridge: International Business Advisor, Speaker and Deep Generalist

“I think of Brand as ‘How do people describe you when you’re not in the room.’ So, Personal Brand is more than the impact you make when you show up, it’s also the emotions that remain after you leave. What do you do in your relationships that makes sure people talk about you positively behind your back – instead of disparaging you, or worse still not talking about you at all!”

A personal brand website client, family member and my business coach, I’ve been enthralled by Jacob Aldridge since his entry into this world with an impressively confident, remarkably consistent self image. He is the only person I know who had a fully formed Personal Brand by the time he started infant day care.

I’ve been a willing performer in his many lounge room theatres, have cheered and celebrated his firm and focused path through the world and am proud to be both coaching client and favourite aunt. It was Jacob who helped me galvanise my passion for building Personal Brand websites and helping clients find their individual place and voice online.

An entertaining and sought-after keynote speaker, who self-describes as as “the smart and zany guy who gets sh*t done in business,” a conference MC once introduced him as “someone who lives the life you wish you had.”

“This was amazing, and really speaks to my personal brand as someone who is living their wholehearted, awesome, divine life and is therefore an inspiration (and occasionally a practical help) for others who wish to do the same.”

I asked Jacob about the importance of personal brand for business owners and his carefully crafted and fiercely held brand values:

  1. Transparency – Lead by Example
  2. Generosity – Abundance First
  3. Learning & Sharing – Multiply Your Wisdom
  4. Pace – There is Always Enough Time

You can read his thoughts about business and personal branding on my own Personal Brand website here.

Want to talk about how I can help you build out your own personal brand online? Book a call below.

Let’s build you a website that shows the immense value only you deliver.

From Defining your Brand, through website Build and onto Brand Broadcast, my simple Personal Brand Pathway will turn your ideas into action, and build you an online home, without missing a step.

Whether personal, in retail, business or your career, Branding is essential. It’s the value and values you show the world. It attracts your audience and ideal client, and perhaps more importantly, filters those who aren’t aligned. It’s a shorthand and an efficiency: an online sense of you.

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