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SEO making google love you


SEO is 'Search Engine Optimisation'. Its aim is to make your site appealing to the google 'algorithm' - the set of rules in place that rank a site and list it high up as a result on search pages (SERPs) when customers are looking for the services or products you deliver.

Wouldn't it be great to wake in the morning to an inbox filled with new sales, leads, enquiries? Get search engines working for you and this can be the start to your every day.

SEO is a mix of knowing your customer base - what they are seeking? what language and search queries are they putting into google or other search engines to find you and your business, PLUS, a site that works well, delivers quickly, gives visitors what they're looking for in clear, easy to understand terms. Google and other search engines preference a site that is secure, fast and has a great user experience. It's this combination that Google looks for in its algorithms. 

It's in Google's best business interests that they remain the search engine people of choice. So, in order to rank for google, they judge your site on how well you're ticking the boxes of the myriad checks and test in their algorithm. Google is searching for the best result for questions - it's an answer machine. If your site can clearly tell google that you have that answer to your customers query, and, by the way, you've got great technology and security behind you, this gets you a ranking position.

Love Communications specialises in organic SEO. Our superpower is in ensuring your site and your messaging will get search engine attention. We have access to some of the best Google and social ads people in the business, so we have your paid SEO covered as well.

Let us uncover the hidden gems within your existing website and get you the search engine attention you need and deserve.

We'll make search engines swoon for your site and captivate your customers with kicking keywords, services that sing and products that pop. We'll also make sure your site speed is superb and your user experience is excellent.

Platform agnostic

We're wordpress wizards, but we're happy on other platforms. We have our own shopify site and know the ins and outs of woocommerce and squarespace.

Site structure

Customers should swing through your site doing nothing more strenuous than checking out with full carts. We'll check your customer journey for dead ends and wrong turns for a great user experience that transforms an ecommerce business.


What keywords and keyword combinations are customers using when searching for your products? We'll craft keyworded descriptions for your categories and products that google will love.

We can even take a sneaky peak at what others are doing, to get some crafty insights.

Site Analysis

From SERPS to SALES we'll look at how you're featuring online

  • Are your search engine results (SERPS) as good as they could be?
  • How well your site is operating - fast and furious? or slow and sleepy?
  • Is your site structure user friendly?
  • Are your categories and product descriptions working with search engines?
  • What keyword phrases do you rank for and are these best for purchase intent?

Site Analysis

  • What we look at: Home page + 3 categories and 10 products, SERPS overview and performance analysis

Putting you through your P.A.C.E.s

Our full business overview:

  • Are you PROFITABLE?
  • Is what you do online AUTHENTIC (is your business making your heart sing? or are there aspects that are the poo emoji, minus the smiling face?)
  • Are your processes ENGAGING? and EFFICIENT?

A thoughtful deep dive to look at where you are now in your business, where you want to be, what are the issues working for and against you getting there and help you run your handmade business at a SuperPower P.A.C.E.

Programs tailored to you

Consultation price depending on program


We Love to help handmade businesses understand the best way to sell online, for Profit, in an authentic and manageable way. We'd love to talk with you about your business.

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