Why you need Video on site and social

Video content in your digital marketing strategy gives you audience reach and SEO advantage you don’t get with text, links or photos alone. You need video content on your site because…..

YouTube captioning for SEO and access

Love Communications Captioning

Using video on your site is great for SEO – users are proven to be more engaged with good video content, creating longer visit times, a higher possibility of sharing and, if you’re the star, building trust. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, so your video strategy must include hosting on YouTube. Here you can optimise video titles, subtitles and description. You can also add accurate Video captioning, making your content accessible to users with hearing difficulties, as well …

5 SMART fixes to boost your website

5 SMART fixes to boost your site

Be SMART on your site with fixes that are Specific, Measurable, Actionable and deliver a meaningful Reward within a Timeframe

Your content hub

Love Communications spoke and wheel strategy

Creating great, helpful, generous content builds trust among your customers and is good for your business bottom line. Content that engages, makes users want to stay to read and look for more information, is shared across social media channels and drives traffic to your site is great for search engine ranking too, but to get to a meaningful place, takes consistency and habit. We’ve come up with a sharp six tips to help you get to a place where blogging, …

SEO 101

SEO 101 easy understanding of what SEO is

I’m often asked what is SEO. Here’s a quick and simple overview broken down into its component parts: Search | Engine | Optimisation. Use your terms well, so they are readable within the content on your site, as well as in page and post titles. Search Engines reward content that is useful to users once they arrive and the way they measure this is through time spent on page. Building a variety of content around the terms that best describe …

Website care plans: putting on your oxygen mask

Love Communications care plan maintenance

You’ve launched your site and the next step is making sure you stay safe during the journey. The internet is an organic space – with changes in its environment, in the way hackers are operating and the changes and deviations in digital frameworks, your site needs to stay up to date to keep flying right. Like any piece of equipment – your phone operating system, your email and desktop software, the structure that supports your site require maintenance to keeping …

Caroline Velik, Food Stylist

Caroline Velik food stylist

Caroline Velik’s site showcases her immense and diverse food styling and recipe developing talent. It also features her new business, a Hawthorn food photo studio ‘Laneway Food Studio‘ a large, generous and fully equipped photo studio that also houses Caroline’s exquisite collection of styling props As with her previous sites, I updated Caroline’s logo, which she now uses on her social media and marketing collateral. My background as a photo editor is useful with every build, but was particularly relevant …

OSMO review

Love Communications OSMO review

Love Communications bought an OSMO 2 recently for a BBC World documentary examining the Hawaiian Homelessness crisis. The 10 minutes I’d spent, playing with a colleague’s in the corridors of SBS had me hooked. When the steady cam rig, with its upper body harness and robot arm was introduced in 1975 it revolutionised the tracking shot. That heavy framework is now miniaturised to a gimbal head the size of a lemon. Wifi your smartphone for viewfinder/remote control which attaches to …