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Reviews upsurge during Covid pandemic

By Jude Love | Aug 25, 2021

Without diminishing the horror of the Covid outbreaks globally, we can probably all agree the stay at home directives most of us have experienced and continue to live under has had a massive consequence for how we shop. McKinsey research advises: ” When lockdowns forced consumers to remain at home, US e-commerce experienced ten years’…

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Your Personal Brand your shelter in a storm

Your personal brand is shelter from the winds of change

By Jude Love | Aug 24, 2021

As I write this post, a huge wind is howling past and through our small timber home on the hill. I’m hunkered in my home office as I am most days. It’s my constant. Designed for my needs and built for purpose, it delivers and protects, insulates and provides for me no matter how much…

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Personal Branding underpins your career

Can your Personal Brand support your career?

By Jude Love | Jul 29, 2021

Want to step into a new role within your company? Change career? Move forward, sideways, up or on? It can be hard to pivot, especially when job well done comes with a reputation as the person that gets THAT THING done. The best way to shift those perceptions is advocating for yourself. Showcasing your values,…

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Personal brand or business brand can i have both

Personal Brand or Business Brand? can I have both?

By Jude Love | Jul 16, 2021

The short answer is YES! Your personal brand and your business brand are distinct entities and used well, they’ll support each other intrinsically. The Personal adds depth to your business. Your business is a way to buy your services once someone has connected through your personal site and your socials. ‘People buy from people’ is…

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its time to show up and be seen

It’s time to show up and be seen with your Personal Brand

By Jude Love | Jul 9, 2021

I love this quote from the always articulate, learned, wonderful, clear Brene Brown. As I’ve been speaking with clients during our Personal Brand workshops, I find their voice lifts, their mood is elevated, their eyes shine and their thoughts crystallise as they talk about what truly drives them toward the ‘unexplored adventures ahead’. ‘I think…

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Get the best from your portrait photo shoot

How to have a great portrait photo shoot

By Jude Love | Jun 10, 2021

Having a good portrait is essential for your Personal Brand website, your social media, your business card, Speaker profile, to send out to podcasts with your pitch, and innumerable other applications. I’ve been a photo editor for many years and have worked on most of the publications across Australia and the UK , all of…

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How do I create a Personal Brand?

By Jude Love | Jun 7, 2021

You have probably come to this blog because you are considering a personal brand. However enthusiastic you are about building your brand the thought of creating it may be a little daunting. Don’t worry I’m here to help as little or as much as you need. We’re slowly rebuilding our kitchen. We’ve thought about it…

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What is a personal brand and can i have one

I’m not a Kardashian – can I have a personal brand?

By Jude Love | Apr 12, 2021

A Personal Brand might seem lofty, but it’s not just for Kardashians. A personal brand is for anyone who wants to step away from their lane. It’s for people in the corporate world or business owners, it’s for freelancers, mentors, coaches, authors – anyone who lives and breathes and wants to proudly say: “This is…

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Should I use I or She as my website voice

‘I’, ‘she’, ‘he’ ‘they’ – what’s the best voice for my website copy?

By Jude Love | Mar 19, 2021

If your website is a personal site – about you, your single or small-team business, I recommend you use First Person case for your website text: ‘I build personal brand websites for successful women taking the next step’, ‘We are the video editors for your speaker reel’. Your website is your chance to stand up…

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