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Reviews upsurge during Covid pandemic

By Jude Love | Aug 25, 2021

Without diminishing the horror of the Covid outbreaks globally, we can probably all agree the stay at home directives most of us have experienced and continue to live under has had a massive consequence for how we shop. McKinsey research advises: ” When lockdowns forced consumers to remain at home, US e-commerce experienced ten years’…

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Your Personal Brand your shelter in a storm

Your personal brand is shelter from the winds of change

By Jude Love | Aug 24, 2021

As I write this post, a huge wind is howling past and through our small timber home on the hill. I’m hunkered in my home office as I am most days. It’s my constant. Designed for my needs and built for purpose, it delivers and protects, insulates and provides for me no matter how much…

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Love Communications core web vitals specialists

Core Web Vitals – what they are and why we should care

By Jude Love | Mar 16, 2021

In May 2021, Google introduced the ‘core web vitals’ algorithm, which will rate how well our sites perform for the user, when using sites on mobile devices. This is one of around 200 factors used to rank sites in search and with confirmation of what is in this May update, it joins secure site protocol…

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Build your site on solid ground with a content audit before starting

Why audit before starting our project?

By Jude Love | Mar 3, 2021

An essential step in building you a Personal Brand website is to take you through a discovery and audit workshop. Around 90 minutes long, the purpose of the workshop is to determine your Personal Brand value proposition, outline what content you have, decide if you want us to write your content, and understand what services…

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Personal Brand and thought leadership

15 Questions For Defining Your Personal Brand

By Jude Love | Mar 2, 2021

How do I define my Personal Brand? Before embarking on a Personal Brand website build, ask yourself these questions and focus your value proposition, your audience and your message. Answer these as best you can to discover your Passions, your Superpower, your Values, your Purpose and your important Differentiation: Passions. Your passions energize you and…

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Thought leadership in your personal brand

Thought leadership through your Personal Brand

By Jude Love | Feb 14, 2021

A ‘brand’ is shorthand for your values, your message, your audience and your point of difference. Your personal brand website is a place where you can explore what a ‘brand’ means to you: to expand on and hone your area of expertise, talk to, and rally your niche audience, engage with the like-minded and your…

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How do I verify my site with Bing search engine

How do I verify my site with Bing?

By Jude Love | Feb 5, 2021

A step by step guide to verifying your site with the Bing search engine With discussions about google withdrawing from Australia if not able to reach agreement over payment for news content, it’s time to make sure you’re verified with Bing. To do this you need to know the login details for your Domain Name…

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News media bargaining code

The Google v News standoff in Australia (the Media Bargaining Code)

By Jude Love | Feb 5, 2021

What is it and how will it affect our sites and searches? During a recent podcast with SEO expert, Kate Toon, John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, advised that the Google / News Industry negotiations here were simply a matter of Google wanting to protect access to ‘Links’ on the web- it’s what makes…

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A vision for business growth in 2021

The simple equation for 2021 vision

By Jude Love | Jan 22, 2021

Setting an intention for a new year is easy. The tricky part, as we all know, is making it happen. My intention for this year is to grow. An easy thing to say, and something I’ve thrown out to anyone in earshot (mainly the labrador) at the start of each year for as long as…

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