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Your personal brand is shelter from the winds of change

As I write this post, a huge wind is howling past and through our small timber home on the hill. I’m hunkered in my home office as I am most days. It’s my constant. Designed for my needs and built for purpose, it delivers and protects, insulates and provides for me no matter how much weather is rapping at the windows, crying at the locks.

To draw a long bow from this metaphor, it’s my protection and shelter in a changing world. So too is your Personal Brand.

Your Personal Brand your shelter in a storm

While I’m neither economic forecaster nor social commentator, I have noticed a theme in the many anecdotal conversations with friends, clients, customers, family about the changes they’ve seen in their companies and among colleagues since the pandemic started. While not diminishing the profound changes in industries in and around travel, hospitality, leisure, for those lucky enough to be able to, lockdowns, disruptions and home working has prompted retirement or departures. For others, however, the stress and overwhelm of home schooling or care giving, on top of managing their paid work load, from home, means that continuing in the workforce as they have been simply isn’t tenable.

For a multitude of reasons, not the least of which is the severe health effects of the disease itself, the pandemic will create a great deal of movement in employment and within corporate structures, ructions in economic activity and upheavals of labour markets. While there are changes that are as yet inconceivable, what is certain is that resilience, readiness, agility and proficiency are more necessary than ever.

This is where a Personal Brand provides an extra layer of protection. Your digital footprint is the constant while the changes swirl around, especially when it’s managed by you. Establishing yourself as a confident expert in your field, knowledgeable, generous, established, well supported and reviewed will help you transition into the next step, with you at the helm. Managing your digital footprint yourself, through a personal brand you create, gives you greater accessibility, visibility and social proof.

Whatever this ruction delivers, things will not go back to the way they were. This brings enormous opportunity and energy to rewrite ourselves in a way we’ve never had the chance to do before. Being proactive rather than reactive, confident rather than timid, and courageous over fearful puts you ahead.

Would you like help understanding what a personal brand can deliver? To define the outcome you want? Who is your niche? What is your core message/messages, how to build a site that supports all of this so you’re visible and your content and expertise is accessible 24/7? How to write and promote that expert content? I’ve developed a workshop that interrogates all of these things and more. After this, you’ll have a clear road map for content and copy, for outreach and focus.

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