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Make Content every day

Content challenge – my wrestle with the empty page

By Jude Love | Aug 3, 2018

I’m challenging myself this month, August, to produce content every day (a slow start as this is my first day –  August 3! but a start all the same). I’m doing this not only because I should practice what I preach – I tell clients to blog blog blog – then repurpose the blog content…

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Wordcamp sydney 2018

Why I love Word Camps

By Jude Love | Jul 31, 2018

I love WordPress wordcamps.  The recent 2-day community get together for learning, sharing, reconnecting, laughing, story telling, commiserating, celebrating and troubleshooting is always great and this is why they work so well: The Cost:$55 for 2 very full days of wide ranging info sessions, with lunch, coffees, a drink token for the Saturday night party and…

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Untangle your technology for better SEO

Better SEO – Untangle your Technology

By Jude Love | Jun 22, 2018

Want to maximise your site and content for SEO? Make sure your website is working well in these 3 aspects: Technical – make it easy for Google to index your site Content – use title tag, use keywords you know your audience will use in their search, use synonyms for your keyword choose a keyword…

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Google algorithms - it's a living thing and a terrible thing to lose

Working with the google algorithm

By Jude Love | May 22, 2018

The Google Algorithm is the huge list of factors (more than 200) that are taken into account when Google is ranking your content in first place or waaay out in the cheap seats. When a major change to the algorithm happens, the update is given a name – generally each is named after a living…

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Love Communications strategy and more

Strategy and SEO

By Jude Love | May 22, 2018

Google works with ‘crawlers’ that roam the web returning new information and content, so adding new posts, pages, products, information to your site, gives Google bots a reason to visit and index. They reward sites that evolve and update. For this reason, and to keep your business message fresh and a conversation going with your…

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Google Search by the numbers

SEO by the numbers

By Jude Love | May 20, 2018

The Google search engine is designed to deliver users the best possible return for their search results. Google has a big list of requirements – the factors within its algorithm that helps deliver a fair result for users first – that it uses to build its index fairly, so that the best results are returned…

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WDCi group

WDCI group

By Jude Love | Apr 18, 2018

WDCI group are a software company specialising in Microsoft App building. They’re an energetic, dynamic development company, who turn out solutions for Microsoft users through excellent research and user response, but their site was not reflecting this. Additionally, their developers are prolific blog writers. Before Love Communications was engaged to redesign their site, the blog…

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Love Communications video

Why you need Video on site and social

By Jude Love | Oct 11, 2017

Video content in your digital marketing strategy gives you audience reach and SEO advantage you don’t get with text, links or photos alone. You need video content on your site because….. It’s disruptive – still not widely in use, it’s mostly the domain of big companies with big budgets – start your video strategy and…

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Love Communications Captioning

YouTube captioning for SEO and access

By Jude Love | Oct 11, 2017

Using video on your site is great for SEO – users are proven to be more engaged with good video content, creating longer visit times, a higher possibility of sharing and, if you’re the star, building trust. Captioning is also important for screen readers, which provide access for differently sighted users. YouTube is the 2nd…

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