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Love Communications spoke and wheel strategy

Your content hub

By Jude Love | Sep 7, 2017

Creating great, helpful, generous content builds trust among your customers and is good for your business bottom line. Content that engages + makes users want to stay to read and, look for more information + is shared across social media channels and drives traffic to your site = great for search engine ranking. But! to…

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SEO 101 easy understanding of what SEO is

SEO 101

By Jude Love | Sep 4, 2017

I’m often asked what is SEO. Here’s a quick and simple overview broken down into its component parts: Search | Engine | Optimisation. SEARCH: Decide on what search terms you should rank for: a short phrase like ‘florist, Sydney’, or ‘physiotherapist for work compensation southern highlands’, you need to build content around your industry, so…

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Love Communications care plan maintenance

Website care plans: putting on your oxygen mask

By Jude Love | Jul 19, 2017

You’ve launched your site and the next step is making sure you stay safe during the journey. The internet is an organic space – with changes in its environment, in the way hackers are operating and the changes and deviations in digital frameworks, your site needs to stay up to date to keep flying right.…

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Caroline Velik food stylist

Caroline Velik, Food Stylist

By Jude Love | Jul 17, 2017

Caroline Velik’s site showcases her immense and diverse food styling and recipe developing talent. It also features her new business, a Hawthorn food photo studio ‘Laneway Food Studio‘ a large, generous and fully equipped photo studio that also houses Caroline’s exquisite collection of styling props Judith has designed three websites for my food styling business…

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Love Communications OSMO review

OSMO review

By Jude Love | Jul 12, 2017

Love Communications bought an OSMO 2 recently for a BBC World documentary examining the Hawaiian Homelessness crisis. The 10 minutes I’d spent, playing with a colleague’s in the corridors of SBS had me hooked. When the steady cam rig, with its upper body harness and robot arm was introduced in 1975 it revolutionised the tracking…

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Readers Digest iPad edition

Readers Digest iPad edition marketing video

By Jude Love | Jul 10, 2017
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Dani Valent Thermomix Restaurant Club

Dani Valent’s Thermomix Restaurant Club

By Jude Love | Jul 10, 2017

In filming an event that is dynamic and multi faceted, teamwork helps. Synchronising with the kitchen ensured we did not miss any of the food as it came out. The wait staff are an key part of the movement and colour and were very helpful when we needed the crucial shot of the plate arriving…

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Westfield Induction

By Jude Love | Jul 10, 2017

Love Communications has worked with Westfield doing Occupational Health and Safety videos for many years. They are continuously updated as regulations change and as corporate branding is refreshed. They way they are delivered in those years has changed as well. When we started we were authoring them to multi chapter DVD and copies sent out…

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BBC World documentary sharks

Sharks. BBC World

By Jude Love | Jul 10, 2017

This BBC Our World documentary was shot by Nick Lazaredes on the beautiful north coast of NSW, and edited by Love Communications at home in Sydney. Ample pretty pictures of beaches and beach life, but not a lot of sharks. The shark attack footage came from a South African photographer who specialises in baiting. He…

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