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Anti Fragile in your business

Be Anti Fragile

By Jude Love | Oct 15, 2020

Listening to a client’s business snapshot this week*, I was taken by his explanation for how businesses, not only in the current stormy economic climate, need to be ‘anti-fragile’. This mode of thinking, adapted from the business processes of Nassim Nicholas Taleb, outlines 3 types of businesses and the way they are vulnerable to the…

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Update your site or watch it go downhill fast

Don’t let your site go downhill

By Jude Love | Oct 6, 2020

The great thing about a WordPress site is that, because it’s ‘Open Source’ anyone can build a new plugin that can do everything short of making you a cup of tea. ‘Open source’ means that the software framework that supports WordPress is openly available code, so anyone can contribute to the way it works. This…

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Site coaching - help to get that site finished

Site coaching – when you just need a hand getting to the finish line

By Jude Love | Oct 2, 2020

Are you struggling to finish your website, but just have a few niggling problems that you can’t clear? Is the only thing between you and a live site that is driving your sales a few frustrating issues you just can’t solve? Then ‘Site coaching’ is for you You may not need the full services of…

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Shipping Australia client care plan

Shipping Australia – taking care of freight business

By Jude Love | Sep 22, 2020

Across the globe, there are border closures and access restrictions. With changes happening so fast, Shipping Australia, the peak industry body for shipping within Australia, needs a site that runs well, experiences no down time, is user friendly and easy to update. Love Communications has been managing the maintenance and updates of this critical site…

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Rob Knights and Co site rebuild and redesign

Rob Knights and Co site redesign and update

By Jude Love | Jul 24, 2020

Rob Knights and Co are an established, niche B2B service delivering carefully crafted Australian financial and legal business benchmarking data. They needed a new site that reflected the full breadth of their products in a way that clearly stated the solutions their products provided for individual clients and for the industries they serve and to…

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Love Communications wordpress training

WordPress training Sydney

By Jude Love | Jul 22, 2020

One on One WordPress Training customised for your website or blog. Want to learn wordpress? Need to know more about your wordpress website? Want to skill up or better assist your clients on their wordpress site? Love Communications can train you in wordpress, customised to your site and theme, or give you the general knowledge…

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The Ultimate guide to Home Page content

The ultimate guide to Home Page content

By Jude Love | May 18, 2020

Your home page is your ultimate sales page and this can be a bit tricky for those of us who don’t consider ourselves ‘Sales People’. A good way around this, for shrinking violets, is to remember – your home page (and every page on your site) should sell your service to your customer. Your home…

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5 best things to do during self-isolation

5 Ways to Improve your Web Presence (while isolated and wearing pyjamas)

By Jude Love | Mar 18, 2020

Not wanting to make light of the potential devastation of Covid-19, here are some tips for simple things you can do on your business site if you find you have some time up your sleeve while self-isolating. Imagine the joy of ticking tasks off your list – here’s an easy guide to doing your best…

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Being supported with your care plan support time

Unbelievably good ways to use your Care Plan Support time

By Jude Love | Mar 10, 2020

Website support plans: software updates and 30-120 minutes of time with Love Communications to make sure you’re focussed digitally

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