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Your About page – it’s not me, it’s you

If all of the pages on your site are sales pages, what is your About Page selling, if not selling YOU?

Here’s the thing – Your about page is ABOUT the ways in which your expertise, skills, process, formulas, special-sauce is going to help clients and customers sell more product, increase revenue, generate leads, brighten their smiles, reverse their bad choices. It’s about your clients, it’s not really about you.

A good About Page engages your audience and sells your service by telling your customers how your expertise and experience solves their pressing problems. Pack that wall of text that lists your many achievements into a downloadable and only deliver information that is about your customer, not about you.

The relevant thing about you in an ‘About’ page is how your expertise works for your audience and what magic formula or special sauce you deliver them in return for a fee. Your About page is about how you help your client – giving them the understanding of why they would work with you – what about you will make another person part with their money to work with you.

Create your About Page by thinking through your client’s main problems: Write about these as a question:
Need a new site, a redesign, sales pages that soar?
Love Communications are Jude and Wayne Love: web development, graphic design, video production and digital marketing specialists for small business who need to find an audience hungry for their products and services.
Need a speech writer that won’t put people to sleep? My speeches for the XYZ CEO kept people awake and engaged for so many days, we saved on hotel accommodation!

Agitate the problem, explaining how their problem will get worse if it’s not solved, then show how you are the balm that soothes that itch. In other words, describe the Transformation your solution will give your clients.

Do this for each of the services you deliver and your expertise writes itself – you’ve transformed that resume into some stirling copy and shown in this sales page, like you do in all of the pages on your site – that you and especially you, are the change your customers/clients/audience are looking for.


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