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Site coaching – when you just need a hand getting to the finish line

Are you struggling to finish your website, but just have a few niggling problems that you can’t clear?

Is the only thing between you and a live site that is driving your sales a few frustrating issues you just can’t solve?

Then ‘Site coaching’ is for you

You may not need the full services of design or developer, but you have a few issues that have stalled your momentum. A 1 hour zoom session may be all you need to get you over the finish line.

I will help you with specific issues, or, more generally, go through your site with a critical and caring eye, help you with any content or technical roadblocks and coach you on issues such as:

  • NAVIGATION – Does your menu clearly show your services and take your user through a sales pathway?
  • HOME PAGE – Does it take your user through awareness, consideration, evaluation, nurture and engagement?Does it clearly show you are your niche’s best solution?
  • ABOUT PAGE, – Is it all about you? or all about the solution you provide to your clients? 
  • BLOG – Experts in their field blog. Blogging is still a very valuable way to show clients you are the expert you’re looking for and to show them you’re the best person to produce great content for them
  • SEO – Have you got keywords in the 6 required areas? Are your images tagged? Have you got meta descriptions on posts and pages?
  • SITE HEALTH – Is your site speedy and your technology up to date? Is your hosting giving you great service or just taking your money and showing the hackers the best way in? (if you’re on a hosted service like SquareSpace or Wix, are you able to access all the resources you need?)
  • ANY OTHER ISSUES – I’m also happy to be a sounding board for any other issues you’ve got. I’ve had more than 10 years creating websites for a raft of different businesses and individuals, across WordPress, SquareSpace and loads of other CRMs so if I don’t know the answer (unlikely, I AM your site coach!) I’ll know the person who does.

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