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Site Coach – the help you need to get that site done

Site coaching help in small effective doses
Site coaching – the help you need to get your site live

November is site coaching month here at Love Communications. We want to deliver short effective, targeted help to get your site online.

Are you stuck and can’t get your site finished? Is there a technical roadblock you can’t get over? Are you unsure about your content? Your messaging? Are you selling your services effectively? Do you need an independent viewpoint, some hand holding, some tough love?

This is where ‘site coaching’ comes in. For $97, we’ll spend an hour with you, getting you past the bottle necks so you can push your site live. It’s a short, effective amount of time to get you moving and reenergised for completing your site. We’ve set this up for businesses who are self-building their site, who don’t have the budget for a dedicated design or build, but who need a solution for a few issues that are preventing them from going live.

I’ve helped clients with everything from domain name settings, to changing a block on their home page, from optimising headings, images and meta descriptions for SEO, to what to call their pages so their services are instantly recognisable to their customers.

This is just to say thank you so much for your help and advice just now

Many people have tried to show me but they’ve usually been designers who fly through it all, without taking it step by step. I’ve just uploaded my first image and linked to the pdf. Very excited.

You understood what I wanted and could show me how to do it.

I’ll enjoy spending a bit more time now getting the website into shape, and then would love to book in another site coaching session with you.

Bottleneck #1 cleared. Plenty more where they came from I’m sure. Thanks again,

Carmel Sparke 

2020 has been an a*se of a year in so many ways, leave it with a site that you’re happy with, that will sell your service, find your tribe and get you earning what you’re worth in 2021.

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