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Don’t let your site go downhill

Update your site or watch it go downhill fast

The great thing about a WordPress site is that, because it’s ‘Open Source’ anyone can build a new plugin that can do everything short of making you a cup of tea. ‘Open source’ means that the software framework that supports WordPress is openly available code, so anyone can contribute to the way it works. This makes a very accessible, user-friendly piece of software that has infinite addons and variations that solve virtually every need, from alphabetising almanacs to zoom meetings for zebra trainers.

The downside of open source, though, is its very nature – being open to contributors who provide great solutions for our business needs also means being open to malware and vulnerabilities. If they’re not updated and maintainted, the very plugins that we use and love can be entry points for attacks.

This is because each wordpress ‘core’ update is usually a security patch. Once the core wordpress framework updates, plugins have to update to match the new environment. If your plugin is no longer in general use / has very few downloads / is not maintained and updated by its developer, you may have an open door on your site for hackers.

The easiest way to prevent this happening is to maintain your site, or use someone like us to maintain for you.

Love Communications specialises in WordPress maintenance. We backup your site, carefully update WordPress core software, the theme that gives your site its look and feel and the plugins that give you the extra functions your business needs. We test to ensure that everything is running as it should, post changes.

We look after your tech so you can keep focussing on your focus.

These ‘client care plans’ also deliver time for content updates or any other services you need each month – use this time for blog posting, landing page creation, keyword research, or an accountability meeting to see if your messaging is hitting the mark or whether a new product may be a good idea, and what marketing can we implement to support this.

Read more about ways our maintenance plans can support your site.

Need a team who can keep your site running smoothly and your messaging clear? Love Communications can help. Look at our client care plans or contact us to discuss what you need.


Sign up to a client care plan during October and get a free site audit. We'll check your site speed, your software, your sales pages and give you a full audit report.

That's $350 value and invaluable intel for your business.

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