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Unbelievably good ways to use your Care Plan Support time

Being supported with your care plan support time
Use your Care Plan Support time wisely

If you’ve signed up for one of Love Communications’ care plans, you’re taking the health and happiness of your website, and business, seriously. You know we are busily keeping your site up to date, secure, safe and sound in the background, but are you maximising the benefit of the support time you have available to you?

With each of our client care plans, we are available for any tasks you have, with either a 30-min, 60 min or 2-hour block (depending on the care plan you have signed to) each month.

It makes some sense to use this time as a way of making content updates, but if you are able to do these yourself, you could use our integral support time more strategically. Here are some suggestions:

  • Talk with us about your business plan – is your site reflecting this? Let’s look at your messaging, your content, your service areas to make sure your site represents your current business and where it’s going.
  • Think about what is truly on your mind this month and turn it into a blog – if it’s quick and easy, we can write it for you, or we can at least talk about what the blog will focus on and notes from our conversation can form the post framework. Build up the habit of posting, to keep your site content fresh and ticking over with a new post.
  • Use your time to talk to us about your traffic : discuss your analytics with us to determine what’s doing well, what’s doing great, how can we make improvements and what are the business reasons for this?
  • Automations: have you ever thought to yourself, I’d love to automate some things that happen repeatedly on my site – turn those questions you’re always asked into FAQs or blog posts; set up a form for answering queries, or even think about installing a chatbot. Use our support time to talk these things through, to get things clear in your head, and establish efficiencies that will help you get back to business.
  • You can, of course, use us to manage updates for you – this can have the added benefit of freeing up your time so you stay focused on your business, work faster, smarter, and more nimbly. Spend more time on strategy, less time on small things we can do for you.

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