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Cake2theRescue: cakes and happiness delivery, with love

One of our favourite clients, websites and community creators is cake store and ecommerce business, Cake2theRescue.

A website built with love to create a business that works for its busy and creative owner, Lou Duggan, it is a complex combination of requirements that fit together like a swiss watch. It’s built on a robust wordpress theme, with woocommerce its driver.

Like the best ecommerce businesses, it was created with ease of use, for customer and managers at its core. The beauty of it is that it not only works well, this efficiency is built on humour and humanity – honouring its underlying value that a party should never be hard work.

Love is a key ingredient in the cakes, and in the business and Love Communications is honoured to be part of this.

Want a beautiful ecommerce business that will sell your product, build a community of loyal customers who’ll sing your praises? Let’s talk. eCommerce built with Love, so it’s a snack for you and a delight for your customers is our specialty.

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