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Westfield Induction

Love Communications has worked with Westfield doing Occupational Health and Safety videos for many years. They are continuously updated as regulations change and as corporate branding is refreshed. They way they are delivered in those years has changed as well. When we started we were authoring them to multi chapter DVD and copies sent out to all building sites, they are now stored online and accessed via websites on mobile phones. It makes the entire Induction process so much more streamlined for the organisation.
They are required viewing on all Westfield sites, not just building sites but offices and shopping centres, so there is a requirement to keep them pacy and light. Although the editing and shooting is quite simple, the graphics and animation used to maintain the viewers attention can be quite detailed. By using multiple images sliding on and off the screen a feeling of movement and energy can be achieved and will keep re-focussing attention. The music is also an important part of identifying chapter breaks and new segments and driving momentum. This music all comes from .
Text screens must contain the all relevant safety information and still be easily read in the time available. A good script is essential for proper pacing, as well as a professional sounding voice. In this case John Hosking at wrote and voiced the all the material and is used on many Love Communications corporate videos.

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