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Sharks. BBC World

This BBC Our World documentary was shot by Nick Lazaredes on the beautiful north coast of NSW, and edited by Love Communications at home in Sydney. Ample pretty pictures of beaches and beach life, but not a lot of sharks. The shark attack footage came from a South African photographer who specialises in baiting.

He also does extreme footage of other wild animals pouncing on the camera. We’re not a big fan of repeating footage but in this case the shark attack footage is so good we ran it three times. This story became BBC Worlds “most clicked” story for 2016.

Recording sound on a beach, headland or jetty is very problematic. There is nearly always wind so a lapel mic with windsock is important, and if possible avoid facing the wind. If you can monitor the sound through headphones it will allow you go back and re-do bits. In this story you will still hear the wind noise despite our best efforts to cut around it. Wind noise is particularly nasty as it can’t be filtered or softened.

Shooting video of surfers used to require patience and a very long lens, the introduction of drones allows for beautiful, steady shots that can really take you out past the breakers.

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