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Caroline Velik, Food Stylist

Caroline Velik's site showcases her immense and diverse food styling and recipe developing talent. It also features her new business, a Hawthorn food photo studio 'Laneway Food Studio' a large, generous and fully equipped photo studio that also houses Caroline's exquisite collection of styling props

Judith has designed three websites for my food styling business over 7 years. They have all been beautiful as well as functional, and have responded to my brief.
In addition to this, she always brings her extra creativity to the project, with the end result always better than I could have imagined.
It has been my pleasure to work with Judith and I highly recommend her.

I'm fortunate to work with Caroline and together we have built 3 websites - the latest in SquareSpace. This 'easy to use' CRM proved a little tricky to get to know at first, but does provide a way for Caroline to easily self manage the site. As always, it's easy to create a site with such wonderful food and brilliant photography. Caroline is not only the best food stylist in Australia, she works with the best photographers. Her talent, focus, calm and unswerving attention to detail mean each site has been a lovely collaboration.

As with her previous sites, I updated Caroline's logo, which she now uses on her social media and marketing collateral. My background as a photo editor is useful with every build, but was particularly relevant with Caroline's site as we worked hard to marry images that sat well together while telling the story of the project. In fact, our work together dates back to my role as photo editor for the Fairfax 'Good Weekend' magazine, where i looked forward to receiving Caroline's beautifully styled photos of her masterfully prepared renditions of our chef's recipes. Resizing and optimising such beautiful images was a joy, but I don't think I've ever felt hungrier, nor my fridge looked more uninspiring than during this build.

It was satisfying, as well, to re-position Caroline onto first page google ranking with this new site. The theme used is mobile friendly, and we implemented keywords and purchased a geolocator url to boost google ranking.

Caroline Velik food stylist


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