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Dani Valent’s Thermomix Restaurant Club

In filming an event that is dynamic and multi faceted, teamwork helps. Synchronising with the kitchen ensured we did not miss any of the food as it came out. The wait staff are an key part of the movement and colour and were very helpful when we needed the crucial shot of the plate arriving at the table. This was a fun job to do.

Being a Thermomix restaurant club event, the brief required that the food be highlighted and the Thermomix itself to be prominent. This was made much easier by the kitchen being in the centre of the dining room and part of a dynamic background for the eating shots. It was held at Pei Modern in Sydney and was also promoting Dani Valent’s Cookbooks.

The area to work in for event filming is often confined and crowded so it is important to be efficient and to not overstay your welcome. Light was low so lens consideration was important, and background noise was high so we used directional microphones mounted on the cameras and a zoom h1 recorder with a small gorilla tripod/handle. We had a small, adjustable LED light on a stand which was also very useful, mainly for the interviews and vox pops that we did as accompanying material.

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