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Google Analytics 4 (GA4) set up


Sell more product and services with deep analysis of what is working on your site through Google Analytics 4.
The current ‘Universal’ google analytics will be phased out mid 2023. Ensure you have 12 months of data when UA stops reporting, and take advantage of the deeper, more meaningful, ‘events’ reporting of GA4.
We’ll help you set up Google Tag manager so you can get information from your Google marketing product from the GA4 dashboard. Get the information you need to make better business decisions faster.

Want more than just setup? Contact us to help you manage advanced reporting:  tag ‘events’ on your site such as downloads, video engagement, contact forms and to change over your current goals and conversions to the new GA4 setup.

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Google Analytics delivers essential Bottom of Funnel information so you can accurately understand your customers and audience.

Take the guess work out of selling your products and services and understand what works on your site.

Google analytics in its new form gives greater insights, more easily. Get set up and set up your business for the best data you can have

We will:

  • Set you up on GA4
  • Configure it to deliver the best information that your business needs
  • Set up Google tag manager so you will get insight into the events that matter on your website


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