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Starter Client Care Plan (self hosted)

$97.00 / month

Once your site is up and running, it needs to stay that way. WordPress is a flexible, well supported, easy to use content management system. It is ‘open source’ software which is great for users as there are vast number people contributing a vast number of plugins that have been built for special functionality – eCommerce, bookings, integration with your CRM software. As the original source code is modified for security updates and improved upon, these plugins need to update as well. If their builder does not maintain the framework with each wordpress iteration, vulnerabilities and incompatibilities can occur. For this reason, staying on top of core and plugin updates is essential. Backups are a must, in case malware should ever get through, we can peel back to a previous version of your site.
Our Starter Plan covers everything you need to keep your site running smoothly and securely.
This plan provides:

  • Monthly Software Core (wordpress) Upgrades
  • Monthly Software Plugin Upgrades
  • Site Backups with restore
  • Security monitoring
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Monthly maintenance Report
  • Training video user manual (for sites built by us)
  • ½ HOUR allocated for support, troubleshooting & content updates
  • MONTHLY comment spam removal
  • MONTHLY database optimisation
  • MONTHLY security scan
  • Access to our premium plugin & theme licences
  • Site restore from backup if required

Additional support, design & dev tasks: $120/hr + GST (normally $150/hr + GST)

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A care plan for portfolio sites hosted on your hosting. We’ll take care of your software updates, ensuring your site runs well after each core upgrade, so you can keep taking care of your business. This client care plan is the perfect way to keep your portfolio site running smoothly and gives you 15 minutes each month for us to assist with content updates, strategy, social media, accountability, or to use in whatever way you think best.
A great plan to keep your site working well and to give you content and business support.

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