Client Care Plans: TCB with our TLC

Your website is critical – the public face of your business, it generates leads, customers and revenue, and provides a channel through which the world will find and engage with you. It’s fundamental to the success of your business and for your peace of mind that it be available for your audience 24/7 without interruption, and that it continue to support ongoing business growth.

Once your site is up and running, it needs to stay that way. WordPress is a flexible, well supported, easy to use content management system, but because it is ‘open source’ software (the original source code is modified and improved and the plugins we use to make it achieve so much are built by 3rd parties) it has vulnerabilities. The wordpress core software is updated regularly in response to these events and this core change then has to be reflected with plugin upgrades. For this reason, staying on top of core and plugin updates is essential, as is installing security software – should malware get through.


Love Communications Updates

Wordpress core software is updated regularly in response to improvements by the WP community. Plugins must be updated accordingly. Staying on top of core and plugin updates is essential.


Daily offsite backups mean should there be a problem, we can easily peel back to a clean site.


Updates and security measures ensure the best protection against hacking and malware

Uptime Monitoring

Love Communications uptime monitoring

Site downtime can happen for a number of reasons – the most common of these is host server issues. We use dedicated wordpress hosting, and deliver a monthly uptime monitoring report.

Strategy and Content

Want a little more, with training, seo, digital strategy, content creation? We’re happy to give more support through our monthly plans with extras.

Site Evaluation

Not sure what state your site is in? We can perform a website evaluation and report on what updates, clean ups, security and backup measures are needed before starting on a client plan with us. For more, visit our evaluation page

Our Pricing Plans

We’ll support you with our technical expertise so you can do the heavy lifting: building and innovating in your business, strengthening relationships with your customers, your team and your network. Ensuring the smooth operation of your site is our priority. Any questions, please contact us.



Per Month
  • Software Core Upgrades
  • Software Plugin Upgrades
  • Site Backups with restore
  • Security monitoring
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Monthly maintenance Report
  • Training video Updates
  • Google Analytics Report
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Per Month
  • Core + Plugin Upgrades
  • Site Backups with restore
  • Security + Uptime Monitoring
  • Monthly Maintenance Report
  • Training Video Updates
  • Broken Link Scan + Repair
  • Fortnightly Coaching Call + Site Review
  • Priority Support
  • Advanced Analytics Report
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Search Engine Optimisation
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For any questions regarding our client care plans, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress is ‘Open Source’ software – this means that it’s improved and built upon by a wide range contributors, making it a fluid, innovative framework. Enhanced by plugins that can solve virtually any problem, there is a great deal of activity and flux, but, consequently, access points for malware and vulnerabilities. Upgrades to the wordpress core happen in response to these vulnerabilities, as well as changes in the digital space. They need to be managed to protect your site and keep it as well-oiled a machine as it can be.

The power of wordpress outweighs the risk. The wordpress community are constantly innovating and solving problems you may not even know you’ll have. As long as we keep the software and plugins updated and compatibilities post the updates checked (plugins and core can be just like people… they don’t always get along, but good management can smooth the choppiest of seas), you’ve got a great, robust site framework that is infinitely elastic to grow as you grow.

Content updates are essential to keep google indexing your site, and for keeping your audience interested. I am happy to make content updates and changes for you, charged hourly.

We use stable, secure wordpress specialist hosting, but the reality is, sites can go down. This could be due to a hosting server hiccup, too many visitors accessing website simultaneously, errors in database management or even a natural disaster… there are many things that can go wrong at any point in time and it’s a given that there will be downtime on your site from time to time. Even Google’s services, which are presumably the most stable on Earth, go down once in awhile. For example, Gmail experienced a very brief outage that was barely noticed by anyone on December 18, 2014. Outages can happen for various reasons.
For this reason, we use tools that give instant notification if something’s amiss. A simple hiccup is acceptable… Too much downtime and we look at a different hosting solution or run diagnostics on your site.

The security tools we use send notifications of suspicious activity – login attempts, malware or hack incursions and spam visits. Sadly, no site is too small or too large for unwelcome activity, but with best practice in place – security monitoring and core and plugin software updates, as well as daily backups, we’re forewarned and forearmed

During a monthly consulting call we’ll make sure your success markers are being reached and if not, how can we redirect energy. We’ll also discuss new innovations and suggestions for your site, how to improve audience reach and visibility, how to build your community and trust in your brand and any other issues that you need to talk about. A monthly or weekly consult keeps you in touch with your site and keeps us both moving in the same direction – supporting your business to be the best it can be.