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Why you need Video on site and social

Video content in your digital marketing strategy gives you audience reach and SEO advantage you don’t get with text, links or photos alone. You need video content on your site because.....

  • It’s disruptive – still not widely in use, it’s mostly the domain of big companies with big budgets – start your video strategy and get disrupting your industry
  • On social media, video gets 1200% more shares than text and photos combined
  • Facebook prioritises ‘native video’ –they reward video uploaded direct to FB over sending people to other hosting sites (YT or vimeo) so extends the reach of these posts
  • Google will love you – videos increase time on site, an important google metric, as well as giving you more time to convince visitors to buy
  • Captioning your video content gives you a whole lot more content that is indexed by search bots
Love Communications video
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