SEO by the numbers

The Google search engine is designed to deliver users the best possible return for their search results. Google has a big list of requirements - the factors within its algorithm that helps deliver a fair result for users first - which anyone implementing SEO should be incorporating to 'woo' it and get google to look our way. These algorithm elements are designed to level the playing field and be as relevant as it can for users.

The algorithm shouldn't scare you, but it always helps to know as much as you can when strategising, so, here's a breakdown of information about the search engine to give it some context (thanks to the wonderful SEO guru, Kate Toon for these numeric nuggets)

of all business transactions start with google
Search is the #1 driver of traffic to content, beating social media by more than
Social is where we feel comfortable but search delivers traffic
The content in position 1 gets
of the traffic
Front page is everything...
of users never scroll past page 1
There are
organic spots on page 1, with 4 ads top and around 3 ads below and a map if you've searched with a location
There are more than
factors in google's tightly protected algorithm. You can't incorporate all of these elements and still have a full and happy life, but you can make your site as attractive as possible - visit my SEO post for more info.

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