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Creating great, helpful, generous content builds trust among your customers and is good for your business bottom line. Content that engages + makes users want to stay to read and, look for more information + is shared across social media channels and drives traffic to your site = great for search engine ranking. But! to get to a meaningful place, takes consistency and habit.

We've come up with a sharp six tips to help you get to a place where blogging, posting, sharing is second nature and we've even provided a simple cheat sheet to remind you. Download it here!

1. Create a matrix of blog posts: 10 topics with 10 subtopics, 8 topics, with 12 stories around each - as many as you want, but you'll be surprised at how easy it is to come up with ideas. For the cyclists among us, it's easy to think of each as a hub and spoke - your hub is your major topic, with subcategories radiating out like elegant, efficient spokes

2. Put yourself in the customer space - what would you like to experience about your product/your service/your niche. What problem does it solve? Customers and clients want to know about their problems and solutions rather than hearing about your product purely from your perspective.

3. Distill your blog content into a great 'content boost', just like the downloadable cheat sheet of this content you can get here! Distilling the essence of your post/story/case study/problem and solution into an easy download helps everyone - it helps your audience recall the tips, making real change, and helps keep your services front of mind. Just remember, be helpful and to the point. Let's face it, an ebook is a great idea, but i'm not convinced any of us actually read them 🙂

4. Radiate: share your content among your network. Email your customers and let them know you've got some helpful new content. Think of an influencer in your field and ask them to take a look at your content and share it out. Good content works and people who have reached a position of influence are also seeking interesting new insights.

5. Reach out to others in your field and ask them to guest post. These are great, not only for a new perspective, it also increases your reach, encourages camaraderie and builds relationships. Be clear with your instructions and don't ask for a thesis - keep the request small and light and offer to post for them once it's done.

6. Share and share and share on social: don't feel as though one share is enough. We sit through an exhausting repetition of ads on telly, or content in our facebook feed and don't blink, so don't be afraid to share and share again, across multiple channels. Use tools like Hoot suite to line up your posts and send them out over a period of time, to multiple channels: LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter.

Download our crib sheet and stick it on your wall to remind you just how easy it is. Take a look at your traffic before you start blogging consistently then again after you've been busy for a month to see the results. Steady consistency, with good, helpful content, shared out with links to an easy download back on your site is a great way to build traffic and a great way to focus you on the benefits of your business.

Love Communications spoke and wheel strategy
Think of your post list as a 'hub and spoke': the major topic is the hub, with subcategories radiating out

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