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Content challenge – my wrestle with the empty page

I'm challenging myself this month, August, to produce content every day (a slow start as this is my first day -  August 3! but a start all the same).

I'm doing this not only because I should practice what I preach - I tell clients to blog blog blog - then repurpose the blog content onto social: intagram, twitter, pinterest, LinkedIn, but also because frankly, I just want to get better at doing it, because at the moment, as a content producer, I am the poster child for clean page paralysis. I find words and ideas come flooding in when I'm cycling, walking the dog, jolted awake at 3am, but faced with a clean page, I'm urgently required to clean, rearrange kitchen mess, garden... anything that will get me away from the tranquilising effect of that empty, judging space.

So, like meditation, learning a language, instrument or sport  - anything that requires attention and reaps reward, I'm charging myself with 'Practice' this month. I'm going to produce at least one item every day, to improve, hone my efficiency with the process, face my empty page demons, and get into a focused practice. You'll find your voice, find your pace and get some content on your site. A hat trick!

Blogging and content production - video, audio, social media posts - is a proven strategy for messaging, marketing and extending your reach. It also gives Google a new reason to index your site.

If we think of our website page navigation as featuring the foundation information for our business onsite, blogs are the satellites that flesh out our purpose and expertise. Short form articles that show how your business solves your clients' most common pain points.

Use 10x10 grid process for creating a content schedule  - read my deeper explanation of it here . 

The magic of this fast and efficient process is its simplicity - think of 10 foundation themes (eg the 10 most common problems your clients/customers have) then fill in 10 sub themes under each - in a few minutes you'll have 100 blog ideas that can go a long way to busting the clean page paralysis.

Download my content grid worksheet to get you started and happy content creation!



Make Content every day

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